Big on bluster but short on sand

March 14th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún Beach Recovery, Cancún, News

First the good news… recycled sand began to be pumped onto what was left of the beach at the Royal Sands complex on Monday. [Photo courtesy Royal Resorts]

But a few kilometres further south, all is not well.

La Jornada frontpage March 14th, 2006 After six weeks of spectacular progress (and unstinting positivity on my part), sections of the reclaimed beach have haemorrhaged sand after a few days of pounding waves.

Compare this photo of the recently ‘nourished’ beach that fronts the Royal Solaris hotel taken by Jim Wehrle on March 3rd, with another photo Jim captured on March 11th. The erosion is glaringly self evident.

Hoteliers must be observing the deterioration with increasing alarm, while bemused beachgoers comb the ‘wall’ for its bounty of sea shells and bits and pieces of broken coral.

La Jornada appeared to be the only national daily to pick up on the story.

Today’s front page (right) leads with a faintly shocking photograph of the crumbling beach in front of the very same Royal Solaris and Club Solaris complex.

Inside, a prominent story (that link will take you to the article in Spanish) reveals the extent of the new loss.

Tim Norris was the first to point out the developing "shelf" in a comment to this blog on February 28th. 

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8 Responses to “Big on bluster but short on sand”

  1. Nancy Says:

    One can only hope that someone figures out how to repair that part of the beach and that it doesn’t happen elsewhere. I suppose it is possible that the entire ocean floor has changed offshore and the wave action is now so different that the beaches will have to exist in a fashion other than that which we all love so much? It’s got to be frustrating for all involved.

  2. Eric Says:

    That can’t be a picture from the Sands. At that angle you wouldn’t see resorts in the background (or of them that close) from the beach at the Sands.

  3. Steve Bridger Says:

    Eric. I assure you that it is… if you’re referring to this photo. It was taken by a Royal Sands employee on Monday.

    You can see the Westin and Club Med in the distance; they appear closer than they really are – probably because a zoom lens was used.

  4. Jason Lambert Says:

    Are there any recent photos of the area around the Oasis Playa or El Pueblito?

    I am going to be there in May and I am hoping that the "wall" situation is not the case in that area.

    Seems to me that the idea of constructing a breakwater (that the government was opposed to spending money on) might be the best way to save the beach in Cancun.

    If a few days of high winds did this much damage to the beach, I would hate to see what a hurricane or other big storm will do to it.

  5. Jorge Says:

    About the beach recovery picture… yes I took it in the morning and the posted on our website. It’s amazing how fast these guys work. Today (6 pm), second phase at The Royal Sands is covered with new sand and started leveling, so our members and guests will probably be running on the beach next weekend.

    Cheers from Cancun.

  6. Steve Bridger Says:

    Image hosted by Webshots.comJason – this shot of the Oasis Playa was taken on March 5th.

    Still a good deal of work to be done on El Pueblito before May. Again, this photo was taken on March 5th.

  7. Steve Bridger Says:

    Thanks, Jorge – the Royal Resorts galleries are an example to all the hotels. Thank YOU!

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